Future Plans

I've gathered up noteworthy past projects of mine. Please take a look at them!

My Future Plans

Plans after high school:

At first, I really wanted to go to college after completing high school, but now I’m not so sure. If I am to do what I want to, as a full-on web designer, then I’ll need a degree, but for now, my plans conclude at me getting a job so that I can get some proper work experience for the role, and money so that I can pay off my student loans a bit quicker.

Vision for future:

In 2 years: I will be working at a good-paying job, alongside I’ll be doing something artistic to satisfy my need for creativity!

In 5 years:

Hopefully, by this point, I’ll be doing pretty okay and will try my hand at doing a proper job related to my Shop. If I need to go back to school by this point I will. 🙄

I would also love if I could pursue something with my art. I want to write children books, comics, and young adult books. I make a lot of characters and I have many ideas for them. I would be happy if I could incorporate them into something bigger than my own sketchbook or a vast collection of unfinished story idea notes and attempts. My aunts always wanted me to do that since I was so interested in it and have the capability for it.

In 10 years:

In the old version of this site that I created during freshman year, I stated how I would love to do firefighting, even if it’s just part-time or voluntary. I don’t know if I will keep that promise to myself, but later in life, I’ll definitely think about it. I won’t do it anytime soon for now because I am still young and need more experience, and I would need to consider the training and pressure it would take.