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My plan is to graduate High school. I want to go to college to pursue Web development and Design. I am planning to go to college for 3-4 years. I would also want to play soccer for college because I want to stay active and healthy. I always loved playing soccer. Currently I have not decided which collage I'll go but I want to collage that has lots offer me to become successful.

Hopefully In five Years from now I see myself in collage. I will be turing officially turn twenty-one years old. I also see myself doing part time job, it will provide me enough money for daily expense. I see myself focused on my education because it cost a lot of money so I can’t be wasting money. I want to pass with good grades.

In ten years from now I will be twenty-siz years old. I see myself finished with collage. I see myself doing well paid job. Hopefully achieve some of my goals by that time. I want lots things to change by that time and it will change for sure as the time goes, I hope to change myself in a good way and make me a better person.

In fifteen years from now I see myself independent and responsible adult, I will be turning thirty-one years old. This is kind of scary to me because there will be lots of responsibility but hopefully I’ll be able to handle the responsibility. Hopefully I've achive most of the goals, and make new golas for future. I might probably in good relationship with someone I love.