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Hello, My name is Besan Rai. I am 16 years old. I am junior in DCTS. I am from Nepal, Almost no one knows where Nepal is located because it is such a small and not popular country. Nepal is located in South Asia. I can speak three languages, which includes Nepali, Hindi, and English. I been here in USA for six years. I am very too thankful for USA because it has given me so many opportunities to be successfully in life. I won't waste any opportunities that I will get. I will take this opportunities do something good.

During my free time, I like to stay active, I love to play soccer. My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. I love to watch YouTube videos, I invest my time on YouTube whenever I am free. I watch YouTube video to learn new things that I don't know and for entertainment. I learned Hindi just by watching Indian TV shows and movies. It took my couple years to learn, now I can communicate with people who speak Hindi.

Just like other people, I have hope and dreams too. We all have those dreams that can't come true, because it's not realistic at all. Since when I was young I wanted become a professional soccer player because I loved soccer so much. I hope to travel some countries in future. I hope is to complete my education so I can find a good job and enjoy my work. DCTS has given me jump start on my future career, I came here to learn Web Development and design. I want to pursue this career in collage. I do not have same skills that my peers has because I was not in DTCS during my freshman year. I wish I was here in DCTS during since my freshman year because I struggle with coding but at least I am learning.