My Artistic Portfolio

Infinity Stones in God and Goddess Forms

Infinity stones in God and Goddess forms:

This illustration was on that I drew traditionally and then I plugged it into Photoshop to do the lineart, coloring, and shading. This is also one of my favorite because of the different designs for each character.

Photoshop Painting

Photoshop Painting:

This illustration was completely done within Photoshop. I created it to help me understand more of Photoshop and to work with making a full digital painting from scratch.

Mandalas Mandalas


These were all done in Photoshop just to mess around with the symmetry feature and to practice with creating different design elements.

Persona Pairing

Persona Pairing:

This is an illustration two character personas. I made it as just a fun drawing for a friend. This was also another on that I did traditionally and then finished digitally.

Supernatural Castiel

Supernatural Castiel:

This illustration was done as fan art of Castiel and Leviathan Castiel from Supernatural. This was a traditional sketch that I finished digitally.



This was a painting that I redid of one of my characters to experiment with painting in Photoshop. I also did this to show how much my style has improved.

Cherry Blossom Flowers Flower Bunch

Pixel Art:

These are some of my examples of pixel art that I have createdin Photoshop as a shop project.