Welcome to the Galaxy

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Hello, my name is Chloe Mutzabaugh.

I am an artist and writer that is learning to code. I like to work with the graphics of a website to make website stand out from others, but I do also enjoy coding websites to make them look interesting. I was never really interested in coding until I found Web Development and Design and then I began to enjoy coding a lot more.

My Future Plans

☆ 2 Years ☆

I am heading to Kutztown University to study in Applied Digital Arts and I plan to start working on a portfolio that I can show to future employers.

☆ 5 Years ☆

By this time I will have already graduated from Kutztown with a Bacholer's Degree in Applied Digital Arts and I will start looking for a job in the Animation Industry, probably either working for Pixar or Lakia.

☆ 10 Years ☆

I hope to be working in an animation positions at either of the companies I said before and I am also hoping that I will be able to start bringing the characters that I have created to life.