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So what I currently like to do is google images of different people, save the images, and use photoshop to trace over and color them with the color and style of my choice. I also like to create my own backgrounds for these images to make them stand out even more. I enjoy doing this because I love all the different colors I could use to style and create my artwork and I also get a sense of feeling proud after I complete each one of these.

I also like to create them while I'm listening to music because when I listen to certain songs that I really like, I see certain colors that correspond with that song and I use those colors to make my art. I think the last reason why I like to make this kind of art is because it’s a stress reliever and the art is my aesthetic, it helps keep me calm and each one has their own unique look and beauty to me.

1st Image 2nd Image 3rd Image 4th Image 5th Image 6th Image 7th Image 8th Image