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Colleges I want to attend:

  1. California University of Art

  2. Academy of Art University

  3. BYU Idaho

  4. College for Creative Studies

  5. Portland State University

Future Plans

What I plan to do in the future is to become a big time designer and I want to design different animations and logos for businesses. Like for example I could help design new and improved logos for Google, Snapchat, YouTube, and so many more big time social media platforms. I would also be interested in designing different types of cool designs for clothing or merch. If I still want to be a graphic designer or a multimedia animator I would need my bachelor's degree. That pretty much means that I should be in college for at least four years. If things don't work out exactly how I want them to then my alternate plan would probably be becoming a full time Web Developer and Designer just because I'm already learning about it currently.

The difference with me wanting to be a Graphic Designer and a Web Develop and Designer is that for the most part I am self taught in Photoshop and I know how most tools work but I know there is so much more I could learn in that field, but with Web I was pretty much taught the basics of HTML and CSS which is the content and style of most websites. I enjoy doing both but I'm just more into Graphic Arts. If Web Development and Design doesn't work out then my last resort would business. I originally wanted to major in business when I was in ninth and tenth grade because my father did and I thought it would be pretty cool. Then I realized how the world is evolving into more of a technological state so it would probably benefit me if I stayed within technology.

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