About Me:

I grew up in a small, predominantly Italian town known as New Castle, PA. My childhood memories mostly take place there, and I was there for about ten years of my life. During my sixth grade year, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA, which was only about an hour away, but it was still a lot for me back then emotionally. I attended three different schools during my year of living in Pittsburgh, and I went from living in an apartment to living in a house. It was kind of hard for me to go to different schools because that meant that I would have to leave my friends behind and make new ones.

I've met pretty unique people along the way, and I even played basketball for four years, but I stopped to focus on academics. Then eventually, we had to move here to Harrisburg, PA. That was probably the most challenging move for me because I had to transfer from a school that I wanted to go to, and I made friends there that I have to leave. Then when I moved here, I had to go to John Harris for a couple of days which was not that good. Then I transferred to the school where I'm currently attending which, is Dauphin County Technical School. I would rather not want to move again until I finish college. I plan on staying in this state to attend college, and my major will be Esports Management. I love graphic art, makeup up art, painting, games, and modeling. If you would like to see some of my websites, art, makeup art, and fashion that I have done, click the projects button.