Michael Donar

Web Developer

I am a web developer from Pennsylvania who as of 2020 is in 11th grade currently I am learning JavaScript and improving my skills with HTML and CSS I am much more a developer then I am a designer however I hope to get better at design and make my sites much better than they do

The Web design program is taught by Mr. Dawson it is a 4 year program which I am taking in high school this programs teaches the basics of HTML CSS and Javascript.

My plans for the future are to go to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and take either Video game Design or Computer Science once I get out I hope to hv a job at a company making desktop applications and workingwith code and computers.

The reason for this site was a few, One of them was to showcase my past project and records. Another was to allow me to try new design styles and different ways of displaying content.