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About Me

I began working with HTML and CSS at Dauphin Country Techincal School In 2017 in 9th Grade.
My goal was to learn coding to hopefully become a software engineer since then,
however, I have learned that web development is a fun and rewarding process that I want to continue to be a part of.
I am always willing to part in the extra effort to give my clients the website they envisioned.
Some of my hobbies include Web Developemeant SEO and IT

  • Name: Michael Donar
  • Phone: +717 982 1355
  • City: Middletown, Pennsylvania
  • Age: 18
  • Email: 21mdonar@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

My Resume


Michael Donar

Innovative and deadline-driven Web Developer with 4+ years of experience developing stunning and active websites with an emphasis on usability.

  • Meeting With Clients
  • Understanding mordern websites
  • Improving Existing Sites


Web Development And Design

Dauphin Country Techincal School






Professional Experience

Spring Dinner Site

Using Abode Photoshop edited existing images of real-world items and place them in respected categories on the website.



In a group of two. I worked under non-ideal conditions to produce a basic website based on a gaming company.


All-In Insulation

Worked in a group of 4 to produce a website for a real-world client. Attended meetings where we examed the existing website and spoke about changes that could be made to the site. Proceed to code and develop the site afterward.


My Services

Meeting With Clients

I am always willing to meet with potential and existing clients.

Update Existing websites

I will provide improvements to your existing site to bring it to the modern age of the web.

Basic Outreach

I can work with you on helping to bring your wesbite to new people.

Developing Your Site

And when everything is ready I will develop your site. To create the vision you have in mind.

My Past Projects



All-In Insulation

Spring Dinner

ADHD Awarness