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Welcome to My Homepage!!

My name is Tyla Jennings and I am a new student here at DCTS.
My home school is John Harris High. There are many things I enjoy when it
comes to my hobies and interest. They include playing basketball,
sleeping, eating, playing softball, working and hanging out with
my friends. During this Web Design course I would LOVE to
learn how to make the BEST website there is to make.

Web Development and Design

In the Web Development & Design program, students will learn to build, code, and publish standards-based content for a variety
of formats including the Web, smartphones and tablets.
The instructor will present a disciplined approach to software design and coding with students working to achieve mastery level
of multiple languages used in interactive design such as HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and more.
Students will learn about writing, markup and coding of Web sites while gaining theoretical
knowledge about current practices and standards of Web informational design.
This will prepare students for the daily demands and obligations of the work environment
and emphasize the importance of adherence to copyright laws and regulations for Web content.