Welcome to My Site

General info about me

I am Diante Lyles-Velez, I am 17 and this is My Site. I've beenat Dauphin County Technical School for 3 years right now and I'm in the Web Development and Design shop. I enjoy making websites, watching anime, playing videogames, and doing nothing. I have been told that I am the nicest person people have met, but I don't go out of my way to be nice, it happens naturally. A motto I like to live by is "Make everyday a good day."

What this site is about

This website is a project assigned by my teacher in freshman year, Mrs.Robell. It was to make a website all about us and to create to our liking. In sophpore year we got a new teacher, Mr.Dawson. He branched off the old concepts of the freshman year site, and made improvments.

What Web development and design is about

In Web Development and Design, we use many languages of code to create many websites for many formats like phones, laptops and tablets. Some coding languages we apply are HTML 5, CSS, XML, Javascript, and much more. Our instructor, Mr. Dawson, teaches us the back-end of Web Development and creating Web server applications. For more about Web Development and Design, vist the Dauphin County Techical School page for more information

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