Welcome To My Site

Hi! My name is Siddarth Chhetri. But you can call me Sidd, since it's easy to pronounce. I am from Nepal, which is in South Asia. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with all the green nature and tall mountains. The world's tallest mountain, Mt. Everest, is located in Nepal. There's a lot of other interesting stuff in Nepal. I am an immigrant; I came to the United states on 2016. In May, I will have been here for 3 years. It was a great opportunity for me to be in America. I am getting facilities here that I didn't get back in my country. This country is great for good education and for a better life. I go to two schools: Susquehanna Township High School and Dauphin County Technical School. My home school is Susquehanna and I co-attend DCTS for Web Development. Senior year is pretty hard for me. I'm learning 3 years of coding in one year because I only came my senior year. Besides that, I'm trying my best to remember what I learned.

Hopes and Dreams

I have an interest in computers and techs. I also want to be a great soccer player. But mostly I focus on my dream jobs in big companies. That doesn't mean I stopped my dream of being a great player. I'll keep my soccer dream aside But this two are my most focused dream especially being a Computer tech. This dream is not going to be easy for me but I'm not giving up either. Besides that, I want to make my family happy and especially my mom.

Fear and Petpeeves

I don't easily get mad by people but I do get annoyed when they keep talking. You can talk with me but don't cross your limit. Some people be talking a lot which makes me want to throw-up. If I don't get enough sleep in the morning I get so so mad. Just let me sleep......
I have Cynaphobia, Yes I am scared of dogs like they're my worst fear. I can't stand by near them for to long. Sometimes I feel like to keep a pet dog but this fear won't let me.

Web Design and Development

This is my first year in this class. I have never learned something like in my life. It was hard to understand all those codes. Sometimes it stress me out. Still I have problem with CSS codings. I been trying my best to learn all this in my senior year. But this class is really fun to be in.
Once you learned all the codes then it's easier and fun to do. Sometimes I wish I should be here from the freshman year. I wanted to learn more about this shop. But still I'm happy to be in this class even though I'm not that perfect in coding.