Welcome to My Website!

This is the MySite project.

A Little About Me

My name is Jovan Antonio Perez, I am a Senior in Web Development and Design attending Dauphin County Technical School. I am 18, and I am athletic, very hyper and I like to eat a lot as well. I am of Spanish descent, but I do not speak Spanish very fluently. I love to game with friends. Some of my favorite games include the Destiny games, Overwatch, the Kingdom Hearts series, Battlefield, Bloodborne, and many more! I love football and hoped that one day my fitness was proficient enough to become a Marine, but I did not take that path. I instead joined the PA Army National Guard as a Signal Support Systems Specialists. I still intend to go to college, which will be free for me because of the National Guard!

The reason for this site and its contents

The MySite project is a culminating assignment meant to reflect not only us as indivivduals, but what we've learned as well. It is the most original work meant to be created by students in this shop.

Info about Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design is a shop of creativity. Majority of everything we do in here has something to do with the coding or design of a website.