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My name is Jordan and I'm a Web Develop and Design student in Dauphin County Technical School. I make websites by desinging them because it goes with my creative path of being an artist. I came to this school for going foward to my career path but I ended up here and worked out fine. Which is great because I met great people and something I can stay in this school so it save my future, *insert Thanks Obama meme* I like to do artistic things, such as writing, drawing, photography, get the point. I also like playing guitar and piano (still learning). I'm a oldest twin and if you meet my brother, don't expect him to be like me he is the oppsite of me. Yes we are twins, no we're in differnt grade, and we have the same parents(I know how you think, I've been through this all the time and if you think my brother is the same as me, well good luck with that). I'm a chill, awkward, shy person who just wants to have fun in life and show the world what I am capable of, just like the rest of the world but with different dreams and hopes.

ghostHope and Dreamsghost

As a kid I watch this cartoonist, Bruce Blitz on this program Avtivity TV where kids can do cool activites from sand castles to cooking. I mostly watch Cartooning shows and was inspired by him and wanted to draw just like him. I always get any coloring markers and paper every time I watch him. I learn how to draw neatly and of course it didn't look like his but it's a start. Ever since then I want to be an artist as a kid and never stop drawing thanks to that cartoonist and the program. As I grow up I started wiring in middle school and wanted to be an writer. I love making stories that comes from my imagination as a child because I always daydream in school. During middle school, I came by photography in my club at an after-school program. That's when my artistic path started I wanted to be an artist and my cousins always spotted my drawing and draw with me. I started to like kids and wanted to teach them, so decide to be an art teacher for little kids. I love taking art class in school and hope to get an A. After high school, I would like to go to an art school to continue my dream to become an artisit. Also for another year of teaching in college.

ghostFears and Petpeevesghost

I have a fear of failing and I don't like failing too much. I always want to do the right thing but it doesn't go right and afriad that you failed that person. Like a failed a class and you're worryed that you're parents will get mad. It would get me stress and emotional when things goes very wrong. I hate being angry or stress which is my pet peeves and biggest one yet. I get mad when I do something I don't like because if you don't want to do then, you would lose interest or motivation to it. Plus, I dislike being ignore or cut off sometimes (I do it also to other people by accident). If I get too stressed out or angry I would have a emotional breakdown, depends on a situation. I would like to take my own time to do things and not in too much under pressure but I can take it. If you want to know about the fear of failing, Click Here for more information.

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Web Development and Design is a program of study about buliding websites. Student learn the basics of buliding a website, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Students can learn to code amazing websites. Maybe learn some tricks to make look awesome. They will how websites and the internet works. Plus learning laws about webites and rules such as copyrights. This program will lead to careers like Computer Programer or Software Developer. This is the future of programming and for students who want to make something that would help the world one website at a time. Students can use differnt software like Photoshop, Illustartor, etc, to create logos or pictures to go with their wesites..You can visit the DCTS website to learn more about the program. Web Develop and Design Page.