My name is Dino Amendolaro and I am in Web Development and Design, or WEB for short, as a part of Dauphin County Technical School.

What is this Site?

This site is a sort of portfolio for my work in WEB and at DCTS. I probalbly will be incorperating most of the techniques I've learned in WEB into this site. It also just includes some general info about myself and also some general and technical info on what I'm learning or what I have learned

Info About WEB

Web Development & Design, or WEB for short, is the CT/shop program I'm in, and we do just what the name entails. We make websites. We need to use various coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, in addition to others. We also make sites that can adapt for, and respond to certian devices like smartphones and tablets (yes, even this one).