Kryptus Year 1 - Hakeem McTootle

"Ones dreams are only achievable if one never gives up and doubts their own accomplishments and failures. For one who never fails will never truly understand the meaning of life"

My book cover for volume 2.
I chose this because I
like to draw alot.
And so I created my
own book. I got inspied by alot of manga
artist such as Masashi Kishimoto, and Akira Toriyama etc.

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All About Me

I like to draw, play video games,
write my own story, do youtube
videos, rap from time to time.

Hope and Dreams / My Fears

My dream is to change the world in a good way. By doing what is needed.
By not giving up on my dreams is can change the world in a good way.
My greatest fear would be not being able to leave a mark on history. I would
love to be a hero to many and an inspiration.

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