Nathan Foster

Student Web Developer

About Me

I am the definition of a geek and a nerd combined. I love working with technology, playing video games, whether its coding a program or website, taking apart computers, its what I do best. I believe that my stubborness helps me to get past a persistent problem and to learn from it to make my final project even better.

I am a SkillsUSA National Competitor. I placed 1st at SkillUSA PA Competition and 4th at SkillsUSA Nationals in Kentucky with my teammate Ken Diehl.

A team comprised of myself, Ken Diehl, and Bryan Hoover are currently in development of a project called Draupr. Which is a free online file hosting web app. We showed off our product at the PA Computer Fair, and got first place at the district level, but we are still working towards taking first at the state level.

Hopes And Dreams

I hope that once I finish school that I can get a job as a programer. I am planning to attend Penn College of Technology after I graduate High School. I just love creating things with computers. There are some days where I just spend hours making websites for fun. Also just updating a website I've already made just to see what else I can create. If I can use my creativity with coding and computers not only as a job, but also as a way to just make great things for people with technology.


Draupr is a project started by Ken Diehl, Bryan Hoover, and myself to learn new and practice old skills in the field of web development. This site is still very early in development and will continue to be built upon through the years. The site is not currently live, it is still in a beta. We hope to have the full site complete for the PA Computer Fair next year.

I have competed this last year alongside my teammate Ken Diehl in the SkillsUSA competitions all the way to the national level. The objective of the competition is to build the best website within the given time. Below is more information on the sites and links to them.

SkillsUSA Pennsylvania Website

This site was created in under four hours for a fake business called MiFoto. The site was not developed for mobile.

Click Here To View

SkillsUSA National Website

This site was created in under eight hours for a fake business called Exotic Expeditions. This site was developed to support mobile.

Click Here To View

Competency Record

Below is a PDF which lists my competencies in my shop program.


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