All About Me

Stuff I Like To do

As you can probably tell, Im a huge fan of video games, in general. I like to play a variety of games. I play games like Smash Bros., Hearthstone, and Pheonix Wright, all the way to Pokemon (not GO), Overwatch, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Hope and Dreams

All I hope to accomplish, is that I get better at handling technology for my computer and future career. I've loved computers since I was 4, that's when we got a computer in our house. Granted, it was for my dad's company, but we still had fun on it regardless.

Fears and Petpeeves

I dislike it when my brother makes it awkward to have him around. Because of his autism, he acts like he's 3 years old even though he's 15. He is also very aggresive, hurting people like me whenever I don't do somthing like take my shoes off when I come in.