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Something that you should know about me is ....

Hopes and Dreams

My Dream is not clear yet to me, but I want to do something that will sustain me and I want to do something that I love. Also, I want to have a Multi-Career future, maybe in the Automotive and Industrial field. I hope to be sucessful and to make sure that Whereever,Whatever and Whenever I do something, I do it Right! Also, as I progress in life I Hope to achieve the highest level of knowledge And I will be the representative of my family whereever I go!


Living LARGE and in CHARGE!!


One of my fears is being alone. I dont want to think about this, because I know that I will never be alone in this world. I have my mom, dad, and two wonderful brothers that will ALWAYS be there when I need them. In Conclusion, if I have my Family, I will never be alone.

Remember, you will never be alone if you know where you came from!!

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you come again!!