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About Me

My name is Caleb Kiser, and I'm a student at Dauphin County Technical School. One of my favorite hobbies is music, really in any form. I like to listen to music while I work etc., play instruments, and produce music as well. I play several instruments including the trumpet, violin, guitar, and ukulele in addition to making beats with a computer. I was in the school band starting in third grade, and continued through eighth grade. I also participated in the orchestra fifth through eighth grade. I have played both the trumpet and violin with some of the best student musicians in the county where the we were expected to play higher level, harder music than what we were playing at school on a regular basis.
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Another hobby I enjoy, and that I have discovered fairly recently, is using Photoshop. I enjoy combining and layering different pictures to make something funny, or just editing a picture to make it how I want it to be. Click below to see some of my projects.

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