Take a Journey Inside of Me!

Welcome one and all to my own self! ...Not actually inside of me, duh, but rather mentally seeing myself. This site has no bluff and no padding; this is strictly all about me and my progress over the years. Throughout my yound 15 years alive, I have experienced thousands of things good and bad, met hundreds of people and their cultures, and of course, learned about them and applied them for my future, and the path that lies ahead of me.

My Background

Let's start basic, with me introucting myself. My name is Noah Chronister, or NoChron as some friends like to call me nowadays (Thanks, Mr. Barrie). I was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, given birth by Renee and Alan Chronister. Despite being born in Hershey, I have grown up in Harrisburg all my life and still live there today. As of now, I am currently 16 years and 3 months old. I have a younger brother named Maxx Chronister, who is 13 and is about to have a birthday next month.

Internally is where I am able to truly express myself. I have aspergers, which is a low level on the autism scale. Because of this, I act differently to common situations. I am sensitive to a lot of materials, such as making mistakes, especially socially. Back in the past, I easily broke down over everything, and it was by far my biggest hinderence in an otherwise good life. Nowadays, I have greatly improved on my actions and have been able to control myself when circumstances go awry.

What You Will See

There are several categories you can see on this site besides the home page, as you can see on the navigation bar above. Below is a quick summary of each categority and the content they hold.

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