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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

My Site

A Little About Myself

My name is Qualen. I am 15 years old, and I am an average teenager, on the surface. I have an intense interest in dinosaurs, and most of the time, this interest is easily noticable. Along with this, I also have an interest in cars and video games. When it comes to video games, I, of course, prefer to play dinosaur games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Jurassic World: Evolution (Release on 6/12/18), Jurassic Park: The Game, Primal Carnage, The Isle, Island 359 (VR), ARK Park (VR), Mesozoica, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, and Turok. Other than playing dinosaur games, I like to play open-world games, driving games, and shooter games, both 1st and 3rd person. Some of my all-time favorite video games are GTA IV, GTA San Andreas, GTA V, ARK, and Island 359.

When it comes to cars, I am not a nerd about all of the internal parts, but I can recognize a variety of different makes & models. I like looking at early 80s to very late 1990s vehicles. I dislike newer vehicles because of all the unneccassary distracting buttons, the "autonomous" capabilities of the vehicles, and they generally look just plain ugly. I like cars that are not too old, yet not too new with hundreds of buttons, switches, and things I do not need while I'm driving. Anyway, on occasion, I do also enjoy watching movies, preferably the ones from the Jurassic Park franchise. Speaking of the franchise, I am very excited for the Jurassic series' newest upcoming movie addition, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Creation of this Website

The reason this website was created was for me to demonstrate my knowledge of web development & web design. As you should be able to see, on the top of your screen should be a countdown displaying the time left until a date. Specifically, this countdown is set to June 22nd, the day that the new Jurassic movie mentioned above is going to be released into theaters. The way the page displays is all about what I put into the code of the page, and the code running in the background, like, for example, all the code that is required just to have the countdown function correctly and accurately display the time remaining until my set date.

What is Web?

Web Development & Design is kind of self-explanitory. It's where you create a website, whether it be for yourself, for a business, for a public convention, or social media, to name a few. You develop/create a website, usually from scratch, and then you add code, test it to ensure it functions correctly, and then to continue adding code and testing said code to ensure functionality of all parts of a page. That same code is not just limited to the content of the website, it can also be used to customize/design your website for specific content. Your content can be about whatever. Whether its about business, about gaming, outdoor activities, shopping, anything, web is the way to make it happen. Web Development & Design is the main way to be introduced into coding, and websites are the most used way of communicating with people all across the world. Just glancing at the final result and look of the site, it looks like it'd be relatively easy to make, right? But under the surface, the actual code required to get all of the parts of the page to function as intended is very extensive.