*This is My Personal Site

Welcome to MySite! My name is Davantae Simmons, Im a sophomore at Dauphin County Technical School. My CTE is Web Development & Design. We basiclally just learn various coding languages and incorporate them into websites. My instructors name is Mr. Dawson, who's a really good teacher, but quite Stern. The reason for the creation of the site was to give other students a chnace to see our development, and the skills that we've tried to hone. My love for video games, and being apart from others and in my own world is whats driven me to become a Web Designer, who's aspiring to become a Game designer. My negative feelings for interactivity with others is what mainly made me pursue a career in this field, even though I know that I will still have to interact with people, It just won't be as much as it would in any other field.

*My Favorite Music (Not Really)

1.Caroline/prod and created by. Amine

2.Fall In Love/prod and created by. Goldlink

3.Shot You Down/prod and created by. Isaiah Rashad

4.Body/prod and created by. Dreezy

*My favorite Anime


2.Hunter X Hunter

3.Death Note


*My favorite Games

1.Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

2.Uncharted 4