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My Past Projects

This simple page is going to have some of my side projects and practices from all my years at Dauphin County Technical School. All of these projects and others that are not here were done to better and teach me things about Web Development and Web Design. All of these things have been a large some of help to help me learn how to build websites and why I am making this one here right now. So please feel free to go through all of these projects and explore all the work I have done.

Projects Year Description Link
Project 1 Freshman Year This is a project where I practiced my navigational skills. Big J's Pizza
Project 2 Freshman Year This project was the first project I did to understand the basic elements of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). Gratitude Webpage
Project 3 Freshman Year This project was to give me the idea of what JavaScript is and what JavaScript does. JavaScript project
Project 4 Freshman Year This project I learned how to make a contact form. Lakeland Bed and Breakfast
Project 5 Sophomore Year This project is based around a grey wolf that I had to draw in Adobe Photoshop. Grey Wolf Project
Project 6 Sophomore Year This project is just my Resume that I had to make using Adobe Software Resume
Project 7 Sophomore Year This project I had to learn how to use Wordpress and make a website on my own topic. Kmusic.Wordpress.com
Project 8 Junior Year This Project I learned the importance of responsive webages and learned how to make a webpage responsive. Resistorm
Project 9 Junior Year This project is based off of a project where I had to work with a lower classman and create a web page on the history of the Internet. History of the Internet
Project 10 Junior Year This project was another Wordpress that I had to do in order to complete working on SEO (Sesrch Engine Optimization). BestAbsolutePerfect.wordpress.com
Project 11 Senior Year This project was supposted to use any education I had on JQuery and build a website on something. DPRLive JQuery Project
Project 12 Senior Year This is a small project that mimics the same color scheme and theme of this overall My Site of a calender made from 99% JavaScript. JavaScript Calender