Make It Personal - Marquis Mozee

"A Suh Dude".-Marquis Mozee
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works".-Steve Jobs

All About Me

My name is Marquis Mozee and I'm a Senior at Dauphin County Technical School.
When I am home I'm a Youtuber/Gamer. My favorite video games are Red Dead Redemption and Overwatch. Meow Meow I am a cat.

Dirty Bomb RDD

Hopes and Dreams

My dream in life is to become a Video game programmer and a professional Youtuber.
I also want to graduate High School and have a job that can benefit me in the future.
When I get older I probably won't get married because it is not important to me at all.

Fears and Pet Peeves

My fear in life is mainly spiders.
I don't like them and I never will, I don't like their body and their size and how they crawl.
My pet peeves is men wearing flip flops without socks and in general.

Marquis Mozee 9/12/2016

I'm bored here is a picture of Groot.