Welcome To My Lofi Site

Kryptus Year 1 - Hakeem McTootle

"Ones dreams are only achievable if one never gives up and doubts their own accomplishments and failures. For one who never fails will never truly understand the meaning of life"


This site is all about me, I hope you find some of the things I did to this site pretty cool. I feel as is I acomplished alot for this site since I restarted it basiclly from scratch. The first time I done this site, or worked on this site was around my sophmore year. I sadly do not have an image of my site before this one so I will not be able to show a comparison. Enjoy the cool and calm feeling of my moving background image I know I do. I came up with design from a lofi music Youtube channel, well alot of them and I think I saw this on one of them and I liked how calm it makes me feel so I added it to the page.

The purpose for this site is to display what we have learned and use this information to create our own unique site. We have learned many this as you can tell how well done this site is and how intriguing it is as well.