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Make It Personal - David Eaton

A little bit about me is that I am a gamer my favorite video game changes but is currently League of Legends, I love tv my favorite show is South Park, and anime my favorite anime is Jojo's bizarre adventure stardust crusaders.

All About Me:

My Hope and Dreams are to become a successful programmer, computer technician, or entrepreneur my own company.

My favorite Video Game is League of legends by Riot games. League of legends is a team based game where you must attack the enemy base by pushing down a lane to their core.

The video game League of legends

It's all relative

My family consists of my mother, older sister, and a pug Maya. I was born in Florida but moved to PA with my mother during the divorce. My mom is cool shes extremely funny, my sister is less funny but still funny in her own way. My pug Maya has a mood range from hyper active to playing dead on the couch.

Fear and Pet peeves

I dont really have any fears just kinda death or not passing a class because I try my best to stay successful for my future. For pet peeves my only annoyance is when people lie, waste my time, or do hypocritical actions or say something hypocritical. Those are all my pet peeves and fears.